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Fungal Infection of the Ear: Otomycosis

Fungal infection of the ear aka Otomycosis aka fungal otitis externa is a common infection of the ear commonly found in heat and humidity. The cases are commonly found in summers and the rainy season. It commonly affects the outer wall of the ear or the outer canal wall of the ear.

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Ear Diseases in Children

Children are very frequently suffering from ear ailments. It’s very difficult to discern the disease since the child can’t explain the disease and excessive crying or pulling the ear is the only symptom that helps the parents reach the conclusion.

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Let’s talk about pain: Neuralgia

Neuralgia is a term often used to define sudden, severe, sharp shooting pain lasting from few seconds to few minutes due to irritated or damaged nerves. The pain is usually restricted to its innervated areas only. It may occur anywhere in the body.