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Changing 1 thing that would matter in the World #BlochatterBlogHop

I would just like to change the emotion of greed and replace it with Contentment. One positive emotion would resolve most of the problems we are facing in our world. #BlogchatterBlogHop

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Change Comes from Within: 5 Things I Contribute to a Better Society

It’s very easy to judge or crib about the things that are wrong in society. Though I am not perfect I still do a few small things to contribute to building a better and stronger society.

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Small Step Towards Mental Wellness: Gardening #CauseAChatter

What is Mental wellbeing? Mental wellbeing is a lot more than being happy, it’s not just a lack of mental illness. Mental wellbeing is achieving the right balance between the Emotional, Psychological and Social aspects of our life. If the balance tips then mental health is disrupted. What all helps in attaining mental wellbeing? People… Continue reading Small Step Towards Mental Wellness: Gardening #CauseAChatter

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What is Mental Health? #CauseAChatter

Mental health has always been one of the most discussed topics but the ignorance of the topic still makes people wary and scared. Mental health is essential for overall health and quality of life.

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Pandemic Blessing in Disguise for ECommerce #ECommerceBuildsEconomy

COVID19 is a global unanticipated event that has hit everyone very hard. Everyone has suffered during this pandemic either fanatically or emotionally and we’re still fighting our way through it. During the first lockdown in March 2020, the local business suffered the most but as time progressed it started affecting everyone. Covid-19 opened new doors & jumpstarted the online portal for everyone.