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Depression during #Lockdown #CauseAChatter

It’s very difficult to keep the positive vibes and be happy in these trying times. Often the feeling of sadness, uncertainty, or grief catches up with you. These things might lead to a phase of depression but that’s totally normal since we all face the ups and downs of life. When the depressive phase persists for more than 2 weeks and starts affecting how you feel, the way you think, or how you act. It leads to the negativity in your thoughts & loss of interest in things you once enjoyed. Depression could cause physical changes like reduced productivity at workplace or housework changes in sleeping or eating patterns etc.

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30 Things To Do During #Lockdown

We all are in the same boat when we’re stuck in our home with nothing but our thoughts to keep us busy. Our head is not always the best place to be in during lockdown. A million thoughts would be chaotic to deal with and on top of that, we’ve million or so questions, insecurities, uncertainties to deal with so we might as well do something else.