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Learning Through Journeying. #Blogchatterebook

Travels & Tales of a Mountain Girl

eBook Review

Genre: Travelogue

eBook: Learning Through Journeying.

Author: Dr. Manju Thakur aka Mann

Pages: 72


Available on: Blogchatter

Reading Time: 1-2 hrs.

I’m always fascinated by travel and it’s tales, since I’ve recently returned from Uttarakhand, so I jumped on the opportunity to read the book & relive my memories of the place. In this book: Mann’s Learning Through Journeying, the author has compiled her various trips in a unique way. She has narrated her story as “The Mountain Girl”, introducing her husband as “Mr. Coolhead” and her daughter as “Snow”. As the tales continue, her experiences of the places and wisdom she attained from the trip are included in the story. I totally loved them.

The book was published by Blogchatter’s eBook Carnival Season 4 and I’m reviewing the book under Book Review Programme.

About The Author:

Dr. Manju Thakur is Doctorate in Animal Physiology, working as Associate Professor in Himachal Pradesh. She’s an avid traveler and a well-learned person, she’s “The Mountain Girl” to the core. Her passion is reading and writing, when she’s not working you’ll find her close to nature in the midst of serene untouched beauty.

She runs her blog by name of Oriental AfterGlow


Book Blurb:

Through my travel tales, I’ll try to acquaint you with diverse places, people and their traditions. Also, be ready to experience some jitters mixed with moments full of joy and awe. I am hoping that this book will inspire some of you to travel, to learn, and to make your own stories.

The book comprises of 13 chapters in total. They’ve covered many beautiful travel destinations of India. Her chapters are divided in:

  • Trip Plan
  • Description of Destination
  • How to reach & sightseeing
  • Her travel experience
  • Bonus Learning from the trip

My favorite part of the book was indeed the few chapters on Uttarakhand and my native place Rajasthan. It was like walking through my own state but looking at it through a different eye. Her description of Jodhpur, or “The Blue City” or the “Garh (Fort) of Rajputs” is indeed my favorite chapter.

My Catch:

  • Traveling tips were included in the book
  • Well structured book
  • It goes in a flow so you won’t experience breaks or jumps in the book


  • The story has at times taken too much of time while the readers might feel the details of destinations lacking at a few places.
  • The author might like to add nearby visiting places in the description as additional points for readers who’d like to explore more.
learning through journeying
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Over all I found book as a great collection of places to be visited in India for family Vacations

Living Herself rating: 4.5/5

I loved “The Mountain Girl” & hope you’ll enjoy her tale too..

Happy Traveling.

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