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Taking Small Step Towards #MentalWellbeing

#MentalAwareness #CauseAChatter

I see myself in the mirror daily and suddenly I thought “Do I truly see myself when I’m looking at the mirror?”

All I see is:

  • Chores to be done?
  • TBD list?
  • Pending EMIs
  • Tasks at the workplace or meetings?
  • Appointments
  • Unfulfilled tasks

I don’t see myself when I am looking at myself. Out of my mental musings, I saw myself in the mirror and I realized I am getting older, Am I helping myself in making my life easier?

No, I am not.

“Aiming high” or “Earning more” All I am doing is increasing my aspirations for myself and putting myself in a race with my own created world of unrealistic expectations.

I started my earning at 5000/-, I was happy I had food, a hostel to live in, and friends to walk with me, work was still difficult, getting to work by bus or auto… but my life was going on.

Now I am earning in multiples of my first salary, How much have I really gained?

I am busy, I have expensive food from Zomato or a restaurant, a house to live-in in a good society, friends to talk with on expensive phones, a car for traveling and work is still difficult.

What have I achieved? I had a livable life then and I have a livable life now…

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What did I do wrong?

My career growth might be a lot but I made my life difficult by aiming for a lot of things too. I am earning but I am constantly in debt:

  • Home loan
  • Car loan
  • Personal loan
  • Business loan
  • Credit cards

Now I am working on making my life simpler for better Mental health. I started with:

Declutter my Mind

Our mind is a master computer but too many open tabs reduce its functioning capacity. Prioritize the tasks and put a few things in sleep mode.

  • Work pressure
  • Traffic
  • Events that you can’t change by thinking about them
Maximize the output of the brain by closing non-important things. Click To Tweet

Take one step at a time

Everyone wants to do many things together, multitasking is good on the computer but in real life, multitasking is an easier route to mental exhaustion. Take one step at a time and do not rush things.

Do not overindulge

Well paid job= Expensive things on credit= Increased mental pressure.

  • Slow and steady wins the race, do not increase your burden by buying lots of things that you could have waited for.
  • Make a budget and try sticking to it.
  • The credit amount should be paid off first to decrease the financial & mental burden.

Keep smaller/ achievable goals

Achievement is at your own parameters only not at parameters set by the world. Keep your goals small and achievable. Unrealistic goals would make your life difficult, so smaller goals would give you the sense of winning you’re looking for.

Dream Big and Take Small Steps to Reach the Dream.

I want to lose 20 kg of weight but I am aiming for 2 kg my journey might be longer but it’s achievable if I take one step at a time. I will reach 20kgs too but I can’t aim for that bigger number as I will soon be disappointed and would give it up.

Relax your mind

Find one thing that you love and take out time for it. A mental outlet is essential. It could be anything:

  • Dancing
  • Music
  • Walking
  • Traveling
  • Gym
  • Gardening

Take “Me Time” so that you do not feel overwhelmed by things.

We have to prioritize ourselves too in the race of life, or else winning might not be as joyous as we imagined.

Share the burden, Reach out to Seek Prefessional Help.


This post is part of Blogchatter’s CauseAChatter.

Views expressed in this post are personal and for reading purposes only. They’re not medical advice. Each individual’s experience may vary. Please consult a professional if you need help.

2 thoughts on “Taking Small Step Towards #MentalWellbeing”

  1. This is such an incredible blog post. Firstly, I am truly amazed at the style of your writing and how you described your problems as a part of your mental pressure. The way you have written this article is very intriguing and keeps the reader hooked till end. You have asked a vital question and probably gave its answer to us. An enriching and empowering post on mental health.

    1. Swarnali I’m glad you liked the post. It’s the brutal reality everyone faces nowadays, I hope my post is insightful for people & helps them achieve mental well-being.

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