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7 Tips for Money Plant Care

Post 5: Money Plant Care.

Money Plant or Pothos is one of the easiest, low maintenance plants to have in the house. It’s a vine and if you’re new to gardening you could always start with this plant. It’s a beautiful plant that could grow till 10-15 feet in height if provided proper care. Usually as an Indoor Plant it reaches 5-6 ft in height. Although this plant requires very little care it still needs the right conditions to flourish and stay healthy forever.

How to take care of Money Plant?


It usually could tolerate 25-35°C but it could hardly survive on temperature above 40°C & preferably not below 10°C. money plant might not die in high or low-temperature zones but it’ll display its extreme displeasure but dropping or yellowing of leaves or drying out of leaves.


These plants hate direct sunlight so for better growth they shouldn’t be exposed to the sun at all. they can tolerate a very low light environment, but for larger and fuller leaves indirect light is best for them. They are the best office plants as they require very less light. Darker the leaves lesser the light requirement. Out of the varieties of pothos the variegated once need more sunlight in comparison to jade pothos. In low light the variegated ones lose the spots and leaves become dark. 

Pothos/ Money Plant


Pothos doesn’t need a lot of water. They hate moist soggy soil. They should be watered scarcely and should be planted on a well-draining planter without any pebble to accelerate the drainage from the planter. In between watering one should let it sit in dry soil for a few days to avoid root rot.


Money plant doesn’t need fertilization. It gets all the nutrients from the soil. If you want to fertilize it then preferably do it once in 2-3 months. Overfertilization might lead to the yellowing of leaves.


They could very easily be propagated. Just cut a vine place in water or a planter for a few weeks and you’ll get a new money plant very in a few weeks. If your planter has a bald spot then too you could just bury the vine in soil and it’ll develop roots in no time.

It’s a very versatile plant and grows well even in low light, less water, or minimum care.


While planting use plotting soil coz it doesn’t retain water. The plant would look lovely in spiller & vines falling out of the planter would make it more beautiful. If you want it to grow as foliage then it would need support to climb. They grow very well if they’re slightly root bound so change the planter once in 1-2 years or if the plant’s roots are spilling out of the planter.

A word of Caution

Money Plant is a poisonous plant if consumed in large quantities, should be kept away from toddlers & pets.  


Money plant is a very forgiving plant in regard to pruning so feel free to cut the overgrowing long vines and propagate them into multiple plants.

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Yellowing of leaves problem

It’s the most commonly faced problem in money plants:

  • Over watering
  • Over Sunlight exposure
  • Over fertilization
  • Root rot
  • High / low temperature

If your plant is facing it feel free to check for these problems. I hope that the plant would get healthy soon once the problem is taken care of.

I hope you find my article informative & helpful to your money plant/ pothos. Have a great time grooming the plant.

Happy gardening to all.

This is the series of Indoor Plant care guide & it’s the Fifth post of the series.

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