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Spiderman No Way Home: Review

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I’m a great fan of superhero movies, obviously, the Avengers series of Marvel has been my all-time favorite. After Avengers Endgame If i would recommend or rather strongly suggest watching the movie in theatre then it’s “Spiderman: No Way Home”.

This movie is the right blend of everything

I was very skeptical after watching Shang Chi & Eternals on theatre since they were huge disappointments. But this movie is just worth watching and waiting for. It might just compete for the Best movie of the year award too.


After Mysterio reveals the identity of Spiderman on TV, the life of Spiderman and his near loved ones becomes more difficult. He & his friends gets the rejection letter from their dream college MIT which is the last driving nail and he approaches Dr. Strange. Dr. Strange casts a spell to make people forget Spiderman but they mess up the spell and release the villains from multiverses into our world. Dr. strange contains the spell and creates a holding cell in his dungeon to hold the villains and release them in their own world.

  • Dr Otto Octavious
  • Goblin
  • Sandman
  • Electro
  • Lizardman
  • Venom (that’s in the post-credit)

Releasing them in their own world would end up killing them so he decides to cure them and then release them so that it changes their fate of eminent death. Spiderman faces the delema & mental battle of right and wrong decisions. He loses his aunt May during the confrontation with Goblin. He receives help from unexpected visitors from the multiverse and contains the situation.

His wish that everyone who knows Peter Parker is Spiderman forgets him, brings a new meaning to the quote “Be Careful about what you wish for Parker”

My Take:

The movie was just amazing I watched it in 4DX PVR MegaMall Gurgaon and the experience was just “WOW” the VFX in the movie is amazing acting of everyone is super. The Spidermen from multiverse Andrews and Tobey brought this movie a great push. Tom Holland was just a kid in all the other Spiderman movies and in this movie he has shown great emotional depth and finally losing the loved ones to become the deep character all other Spidermen are in the multiverse “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”

The way director has linked everyone and every angle together in just right way. Obviously, few supervillains couldn’t get much attention esp. Venom but he might get his own movie (Spoiler alert). Lizardman and Sandman couldn’t live up to their potential but the rest of the villains were just awesome esp. Goblin.


The movie is totally worth watching if I could give it 6 stars I would. My advice is to watch the other spiderman movie before going to watch this movie so that you remember the villains and get the references made in this movie.

Living Herself rating: 5

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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