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Leprosy: Let’s Conquer the Fear.

Cure Leprosy not as a Disease but also as the Fear. #LeprosyFreeMinds

Leprosy as a disease has always held a stigma around it. It was considered a deadly disease and highly contagious. In old times when the cure was not available people have suffered from horrific death due to disease or their sequelae. The stigma of disease is still residing in this world which is causing harm physically and mentally to those suffering from Leprosy. People suffering from leprosy has suffered from more than just a disease but also from hatred, fear, condemnation, and disgust. They might be scarred from disease but the scars run deeper than what is visible.

This phobia and stigma of the disease also is a cause that people do not come out in open for the treatment. Through this post, I’d like to bring forth the plight of people suffering or has suffered Leprosy from the consequences directly or indirectly.

Leprosy is just like any other disease it could be diagnosed by many tools available and is non-communicable, not genetically inherited and is totally curable. The treatment is available at various government institutions and is free too. Early detection and treatment is the key to eradication of the disease so let’s work on that.

Early signs are:

  • Hypopigmented, anesthetic patches
  • Tingling sensation
  • Numbness
  • Thickening of nerves
  • Motor or sensory loss at the nerve distribution

Visit the nearest physician for further investigation in case you notice any such symptom.

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A Diagnosis could be made by:

  • Smears
  • Swabs
  • Biopsy

With today’s technological advancement the early diagnosis is possible which would further help in early treatment and cure.

We’re treating the disease but we’re urging everyone to help us cure the fear of Leprosy too.

Take small steps:

  • Take out time to teach and encourage people suffering from leprosy.
  • Help them in gaining jobs.
  • Donate books or stationary or warm clothes.
  • Spread awareness in public regarding the disease.

Sasakawa- India Leprosy Foundation (S-ILF) was founded in 2006 in India. It’s working endlessly on the Dream father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi, to Eradicate Leprosy from India and it has been helping make people’s lives better since then. S-ILF is a child of parent foundation: Nippon Foundation. The Nippon Foundation is working on various fronts, due to its great work WHO approached the foundation to provide support and help for people suffering from Leprosy.

S-ILF has helped a lot of families like Mrs. Shankari Mehto who was given support and her daughters were able to get education and become a health professional. They were able to make a career and a future for themselves and their family.   

S-ILF is working at various levels:

  • Providing funds and support to the families
  • Helping in gaining vocational training and higher education.
  • Providing opportunities to earn wages and have a self-dependent life.
  • Helping Leprosy affected people to gain access to government schemes for gaining treatment and livelihood.
  • Spreading awareness to counter the stigma of disease.

Sasakawa-India Leprosy Foundation is organizing an event to spread awareness in the youth on 29th & 30th January 2019 in Delhi. Let’s be a part of S-ILF and help cure Leprosy.

Let’s take a pledge and make Leprosy less than a Disease.

Let’s Cure Leprosy to the Core…

16 thoughts on “Leprosy: Let’s Conquer the Fear.”

  1. Agree with you though it’s fully curable disease still the stigma and discrimination attached with this disease still prevails. That’s great initiative by Silf Foundation to give platform to leprosy affected Patients and strength their skills.

  2. Well written in explained about leprosy you know there were days when people used to fear about leprosy but now we have medicines and care which can easily cure leprosy

  3. Thanks for the insights on leprosy…there are a lot of myths around it.. we need to spread awareness so that people can get proper treatment on timely basis

  4. What a great topic to throw light on. These people suffer for years in isolation and even moved into quarantined colonies so people can avoid them.
    So terribly sad.

  5. Even today, people have so many misconceptions about Leprosy. I am glad you have extended your support to this noble cause by posting this one.


  6. That’s a much needed informational piece to spread awareness on the disease. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Despite it being non-contagious there continues to be misconceptions about the disease and many stay away from lepers. They are outcast and sadly, not only do they have to suffer physically but socially as well. Im glad your post throws much light on the subject.

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