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Enough of “Sorry”

I’m not sorry anymore…

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We are what we want us to be… although our culture and heritage have constantly taught us to be courteous and apologize, to avoid the conflicts. There always come a time when “We should never be Sorry”.

At time we should just take a stand and stop being Sorry..

In our life we always keeps apologizing for things we should never feel sorry about. So here are the list of things I’m not sorry about and would never be…

I’m not Sorry for:

  1. Saying “NO” to something I don’t want to do.
  2. Putting myself first at times.
  3. Craving for “Me Time” to rejuvenate my mind.
  4. Taking random trips and holidays to escape reality.
  5. Just making Maggi and not caring for the whole meal.
  6. My Past. It made me what I am.
  7. Being independent and opinionated. I’ve earned the right to express myself.
  8. Having a lazy day in my bed when a lot of work has to be done.
  9. Not doing something everyone expects me to do.
  10. Choosing for myself.
  11. Facing the World the way I like on my terms when I’m ready.
  12. Escaping when it’s too much
  13. Changing my mind, about what I’m unsure about.
  14. Not crying when I should.
  15. Loving someone even when I might end up hurt.

I hope your list and mine has few or rather more than few common points.

I'm not sorry
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Enjoy the life to the Fullest, Love yourself & Be Happy.

8 thoughts on “Enough of “Sorry””

  1. Very well written article. Its time we stop apologising just because ppl expect things differently. There is nothing wrong in being vocal and strong headed about what u want.

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