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Party after work… Change the look

Party after work… change the look

Gotta attend a party after work!!!! with few changes you could convert your office look to party look.

Being a working person, I face that problem at times. So I try to make out best out of things I have. Problem with office wear is that its work appropriates so let’s work on that first. Once I had to go to a party straight after work. I planned my work wear accordingly, then I threw in carried extra pumps, dangles and a multilayered necklace in my bag that’s it. After work, I chucked the shrug and leggings than with slight touch up of makeup and accessories, Voila!!! I was all set for the party.

What to wear???

If you have a party to attend after work then, first of all, let’s try a few things that you could wear to work and then with little changes it would glam your look.

  • A sleeveless/ strapless/ spaghetti strap top could be worn with a shrug. Just ditch the shrug and you’re set for a party.
  • Wear a dress with leggings later just remove the leggings.
  • A bright-colored top could be worn with jeans or trouser which could be switched with a skirt to jazz up the looks.
  • Carry a jazzy scarf that could change the look of your top too.


Right accessories are a savior in every situation. So just adding something blingy always jazz up the attire. There’s a very fine line between being ostentatious and wow… so let’s get on with it…

  • Wear a loud statement neck piece/ long necklace/ multiple beaded strands if your top is simple.
  • Even a long or dangling earring is a good option.
  • Pair of chunky heels or boots or stilettos could make a plain dress interesting so carry an extra pair and swap it with your routine office wear footwear.
  • Wear a wide bracelet/ multi-string bracelet for jazzing up the look.
  • Even a loud/ jazzy belt could be paired up with your attire.
  • Change your workplace handbag with an over sided/catchy/flashy clutch to glam your looks.
  • put a fancy pin or clutcher in hair make a messy bun, it’ll be a huge difference.

Makeup for Party look:

Well applied make up makes a huge difference since it makes your skin glow. Properly applied makeup brings out your best features. Though it has many variations all we have to do is find the right product which suits our skin and does wonder to our complexion.

  • wash your face thoroughly after work and start from zero. It removed the tired look on your face.
  • Apply moisturizer before any makeup and then go for the base/foundation/BB+ crème or any product that suits you.
  • Do slightly loud eye makeup, it pops up your look and brings sparkle to your eyes.
  • Apply blush over cheekbone it removes the chalky/ made up look from the face.
  • Try slightly bold lipstick it’ll make you eye-catching

Cosmetics to carry:

  • Bold lipstick (red/magenta) make your face bright.
  • Kajal/eyeliner/mascara.
  • Keep eyeshadow palette it makes a huge difference.
  • Blusher
  • Foundation
  • Body glitter (it’s a small box & you just have to brush it on)
  • Perfume

These are the minimum makeup required to do over after work. You could add as many things you want to according to your requirements.

Always Balance your Party look.

Take into consideration the occasion, crowd, venue and finally “time”. According to your attire, use makeup and accessories to enhance the look. Don’t overdo it.

Make your best feature your focal point.

Everything is about the focal point. Feel free to flaunt your best feature. If you have a narrow waist wear a chunky eye-catching belt, if you have mesmerizing eyes do bold eye makeup. Dressing up is all about “bringing out the best and hiding the rest”. Shop with this mantra in your mind and you’ll find the right thing in no time…. Last but not the least

Carry your look with a smile.


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