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Fertility Clock is Ticking…Tick Tock.

Fertility clock is ticking….. tick tock

We’re progressing and women are getting more freedom of thought and speech but they’re still weighed down by the pressure of society to fulfill their ulterior motive i.e. to have kids. Fertility or lack of it is a still a stigma. It’s not gender biased.

  • Every couple who doesn’t have children within few years of marriage are bombarded with thousand unwanted home remedies to get pregnant.
  • Every female who wants late marriage is considered an unfit candidate for marriage because of fear that they might never get pregnant.
  • Every woman who wants to pursue their career or studies further also and wants to withhold pregnancy are speculated.

It’s not fair but that’s how our society has always been.

I can get pregnant I’m 35 years old, not menopausal.

Should fertility be deciding factor for every female?

Could we be more than a birthing cow?

Should we have family just to please society?

Is having a baby the only proof of womanhood in our society?

Let’s break free from these bonds and plan our lives in our way. Let’s not get rushed into matrimony and pregnancy because of the age factor. Though our fertility clock is ticking we might have other options instead of getting pushed into something we aren’t yet ready for. The answer to our problem is “Egg Freezing” or “Oocyte Cryopreservation”.

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Nowadays our medical science has evolved a lot so we could get our Egg frozen which would be like freezing our fertility and progressing further in our life. When we are ready to settle we could get out frozen eggs implanted and voila!! “we have a healthy baby”

Here’s how it’s done.

You’re already futuristic in plans:

if you’re thinking about getting your Egg Frozen then you’re ahead of 1000 other females who’ve not yet decided it. It’s best done in 20’s but 30’s is a good time too after 35 years your egg cells start deteriorating so if you’re not planning a family by then, then you should get you egg cells frozen.

Who needs Egg Freezing?

  • who has fear of age-related chromosomal anomaly
  • delayed family planning due to personal or professional reason
  • in cases of tumors of ovary or uterus
  • in case of the planning of radiotherapy to the pelvic region

How is Egg Freezing done?

After general checkups, few drugs are given to stimulate your ovaries to produce eggs. Then after 2-3 months, a small procedure is done under short General anesthesia and eggs are removed from the ovaries and taken up for processing and preservation.

The procedure doesn’t give you a scar, it’s endoscopic.

For details, you could go through many sites like UCLA Health,  Wikipedia

Is Egg Freezing costly?

It’s not very costly but, mainly you should think how much is the cost of freedom in your life rather than the monetary value of it.

In medical advanced Embryo Preservation is the next technique but it’s only introduced in few higher facilities in India yet.

Take your future in your hands. Let’s not withhold ourselves because of fertility issues.

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9 thoughts on “Fertility Clock is Ticking…Tick Tock.”

  1. Fertility or the lack of it is really not society’s business to comment on. Today’s women should make choices as per their will and this egg freezing technology will definitely boost and motivate women to first think of themselves before bowing down to societal pressure.

  2. I congratulate u for choosing this topic n digging out information about it and presenting to the readers. This is indeed extremely relevant in today’s scenario, when a woman is multi faceted.

  3. Very well written I have heard about egg freezing last year in some show I saw it is really a good option to all the women

  4. The process of “Oocyte Cryoprservation” is definitely going to present a ray of hope to patients suffering from carcinomas of the ovary and uterus since nowadays even women in their 30’s are being diagnosed with malignancies.

    1. Definitely Preeti the usefulness of procedure are endless.thanks for going through my post.

  5. This is a beautifully written post on such a sensitive topic and I loved your take on the same. It is a very good option for women. Thank you for bringing up this topic and also sharing the information researched. 🙂

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