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Castle Vajdahunyad- Budapest: The Dracula Castle.


Euro Trip 1:

I was always been intrigued by the stories of Count Dracula so when I got a chance to visit Castle Vajdahunyad or also known as Dracula castle I was ecstatic. We visited the castle during my end-of-Europe tour the day I had my flight back to India.

The story of Dracula Castle:

Though it could just be a fictional creation of Bram Stoker it’s stated that Transylvanian Prince Vlad II Dracul of Wallachia also known as Vlad, the Impaler was imprisoned and tortured in this castle and his father Vlad II Dracul was killed in this castle only.

It’s rumored that Bram Stoker met a journalist who told him the stories of Dracula in Transylvania and the Carpathian Mountains these all led him to write a novel on Count Dracula. He pictured count Dracula living in such a castle or a similar castle in Transylvania. Since then the castle became famous for count Dracula. the other castles associated with Vlad are in Romania like Castle Peonari or Bran’s Castle etc.

Inside the Dracula castle:

If you’re hoping to find creepy crypts or moats or dungeons then you’re in a wrong place, unlike the way Dracula castle has been depicted this one’s open clean and very well kept. The positive energy flowing inside the castle is palpable in the air. The vines covered walls amazing work on walls and statues, what’s not to like in the castle?


When I arrived in the castle it had a musical carnival going on and the lovely voices floating in the air increased the charm of the castle hundred folds for me.

How to get there?

Budapest is well connected by Road, flight, or train with another European country. You just need to apply for a Schengen visa and the whole of Europe is open to you.

Best time to visit?

It’s best to visit in April- May or October although from Feb to October is good too after that it’s too cold.

I went in July so it was hot at that time.


It has an amazing collection of food of every variety. Chilies of Budapest are famous so food is more palatable for Indians there in comparison to many other European countries.

In total Budapest is fun and it deserves a visit. Read more about Budapest and Europe in my upcoming posts.I’ll be completing my series on EUROTRIP through posts and share my experience with you.

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9 thoughts on “Castle Vajdahunyad- Budapest: The Dracula Castle.”

  1. Gosh!! It’s that famous Dracula castle . I loved reading Dracula’s story still. Did you feel anything spooky there?

  2. This is an exciting read about Dracula. Stoker did put us all in the bag with his very imaginative and persuasive story. The good thing though is that Dracula exists only in the mind.Thanks for this post!

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