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5 Things I Refuse to Sacrifice for Relationship

5 Things I Refuse to Sacrifice for Relationship

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Being born as Females, sacrifice is considered as our second nature. We’re taught to change ourselves for our better half since birth. We all are fighting for our independence and freedom still, there are times when:

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What is the boundary of that sacrifice?

Should we draw line at it?

Is our relationship worth everything?

When should we refuse to change?

Even when I was forced to pick my relationship above many crucial things, I refused to change 5 things no matter the cost I had to bear for it.


I’ve worked half of my life to be where I am. I’ve invested my time, enjoyment, at times festivals many holidays and numerous hours. It’s my identity.


Dr. Richa Mina is My Identity, so I refuse to give it up for anyone.

I might put my profession in the backseat by taking a break or reducing my working hours but I decline to give it up. It’s my right to work and be Self-dependent.


My car is not just a car it denotes my freedom and my independence.

My Car “I Wish”

My freedom from:

  • waiting for my better half to do things for me.
  • boredom
  • dependency

it’s not even about “a car” it’s a symbol that I can do my own chores I’m independent and self-capable. Gone are the days when I’d wait demurely to be taken anywhere. I’d not give up my freedom for anyone.

Bank account:

I decline vehemently to close my bank account and ever lose my financial independence. It’s my right to have my own account and manage my finances myself.


No matter how small or big my deposit is, it’s still mine to save, spend, or leave.

One should never lose their financial independence for anyone.

Personal Space:

I’m emphasizing that I’m a working woman and gone were the days where a woman is only meant to cook, clean and bear child. I’ve earned my freedom to have my own personal space.

I’m not giving it up for anyone. I deserve my own relaxation or “me time”.

I’ve earned my right to have my own personal space and no-one has the right to take it from me.

Voice my Opinion:

This is last but not least I’ve the right to express my opinion than blindly follow the orders. I’m a person with my legal rights. When the government has given us the right to express no person in our life has the right to take that freedom from us ever.


This post is dedicated to all females who had inadvertently sacrificed to keep the relationship going on. I salute them for cutting off an important part of themself.

No one is important enough to demand such a huge sacrifice from you.

Hope this post would help some gain insight.

Be Independent, be you.

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52 thoughts on “5 Things I Refuse to Sacrifice for Relationship”

  1. This is an important article. Women are expected to give up everything for the sake of their partner, which is aa ridiculous and unfair expectation. And they are often exploited for it.
    Your list is great for women to set a boundary for themselves. Working or not, a marriage should be between equals.

  2. Fundamental rule I believe in is if you are asked to sacrifice anything for a relationship then it’s not worth it . One should accept you the and the way you are and all that you have . This is important and love the way u wrote it

  3. agree, we women have to give a lot of things to save relationship
    this is so beautiful, love to visit once…

  4. I agree with all the points. Why should woman be expected to do all the sacrifices? We are all equal in relationship and should be treated so.

  5. Equality, Independence and space is important in any relationship for it to bloom. You have brought out these pointers very wel. Nice post.


  6. YEs no woman or even man should sacrifice on anything for the life partner. penned it down so well

  7. True. Things that means a lot to us should never be sacrificed. Whether it be financial independence or personal space, it all make lot of difference.
    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa

  8. Agree with you Richa – why should a woman or a man sacrifice the things the most important to them just because they are in a relationship. It’s a bad way to start a relationship and can lead to its doom.

  9. Absolutely! If your partner or his family expects you to give up these basic things then I guess its time to open their minds rather than lose yours 😀

  10. Nobody else could have put it better than the way you have articulated and hit the hammer on the head of the nail. Nothing matters more than the freedom and steering to drive one’s own life. Work life and family life are not two mutually exclusive set, these are the same set and we need to learn the art of managing and then the magic that comes out of that power of management. Work is not optional it is a mandatory field in our life but we should recognize that very fundamental essence of work in life.

  11. This article is must read for the women who give up in her life and compromise in every field.
    Must say you are a bravo. 🤗

  12. Oh so true! I don’t prefer to compromise! I can adjust with a few things or people, but there is no compromise on anything! Well put! Being a homemaker, some people think, women are supposed to clean, cook and pop out babies, to all those morons who do not value their women and to women who don’t value themselves and others, read this and get a life!

  13. Couldn’t agree more with the points you mentioned especially the financial independence one. I have seen in our culture the moment a woman is married she looses her financial freedom and it doesn’t make any sense at all.

  14. Love this post. Women do sacrifice a lot in relationships, indeed they are the ones expected to bend and prevent disagreements. But yes, there needs to be a boundary. You have enumerated the things you would not sacrifice under any circumstances and I guess it is time every woman goes through this exercise of affirming herself.

  15. I completely agree with personal space and financial independence. No relationship can expect anyone (male or female) to give up on them.

  16. My car is my independence too. I am glad someone else gets it. My current identity is writing. And I sometimes silence my voice but at other times speak my thoughts. Me time, with 2 young kids I have to snatch it when I get it. And I like my own money too.

    This post worked like a self analysis for me. Thanks

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep #MyFriendAlexa

  17. These are fove vital thinga that we have every right to own and it makes zero sense to sacrifice them for anything or anyone.

  18. Glad to hear that you live life on your terms. I strongly agree to not disclosing and sharing bank accounts and in my case social media too.

  19. I completely agree with ‘car’. I have been driving for 12 years now and feel so independent. Driving gives me a sense of being me, being strong enough to do everything on my own. Every woman must be able to drive, it fills one with the feeling of being free. #MyFriendAlexa #LiveItYoungReads

  20. Good points. Agree with most as well. Car doesn’t get that much importance in my case, though.

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