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Taming the Messy Hair

I’ve been blessed with an unruly mass of dry and curly hair. We’re in a constant love-hate relationship with each other. I love them most after head wash, they’re silky, soft and almost tamed but as days pass by they become more and more disobedient, then I hate them. I’ve tried almost everything to make them tangle free and soft. The solution for my hair problem was – Hair serum.

I’ve realized that a good hair serum could help the hair most. It has become a ritual for me to take a head wash, deep condition my hair and then apply hair serum. I’ve gone through a series of hair serum then realized that few of them doesn’t help my hair at all. In this post, I’ll share a few hair serums which are amazing for my dry and curly hair.

Tony and Guy serum:

It’s a very good hair serum it’s thick in consistency and coats hair making them soft, silky and glistening.


  • Thick in consistency
  • Small quantity required (2 Drops)
  • Amount: 30ml


  • Only comes in 1 size
  • Prize: 1226/- slightly pricey.
  • Works better on dry hair

Lo’real Elixir K Ultime Serum:

I’m presently using this hair serum and I love the feel of my hair after application. It’s the Kerastase series product of Lo’real. It works wonders on the hair, even when it’s prize is slightly on the higher side it’s worth it.


  • Thick consistency
  • Small quantity is adequate
  • Quantity: 125ml


  • Prize: 3650/-
  • Cost is very high but quantity is more so it’s a good investment.

Dot & Key Hair Serum:

It’s a new product I ordered it after looking at the reviews. The best part of serum is that it provides sun protection, dust protection and cover from never-ending pollution still maintaining the smooth consistency of hair. It detangles the hair and makes them smoother and less likely to break.


  • Thick in consistency
  • Small quantity required
  • Provides Sun Protection: SPF 15
  • Quantity: 50ml
  • Prize: 695/-


  • Strong smell (I liked it since it’s fresh mandarin but people sensitive to smell might not like it)

Matrix Opti-Care Serum:

It’s a good serum for oily to normal hair because it’s not that think in consistency and it doesn’t last that long in my dry hair. It does help in split ends and makes hair tangle free and manageable.


  • Quanity: 100ml
  • Prize: 445/-
  • Split end reduction
  • Better for Oily/normal hair


  • Have to use more amount
  • Thin in consistency
  • Vanishes quickly
  • Not good for dry hair
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That’s all for now. I hope my review of these products were helpful to some extent. I’ll be back with more, till then.

Be Happy and Tangle Free.

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10 thoughts on “Taming the Messy Hair”

  1. I have been using the Matrix Opticare for my coloured straight hair.My hair is oily and it works well for me but my daughter has thicker curlier hair so I may take a leaf from your recommendations !

  2. I can vouch for Tony and Guy serum. It’s what keeps me looking well turned out else my hair would be ruffled always. I haven’t tried any other product. Your post will help me make a decision next time. Thanks for the share!

  3. Having been blessed with curly and unmanageable hair it is always a challenge to keep them organized and tethered. So the expermintation with new products continues for me. These are products which I have not tried and hence game to try some of these, especially Dot & Key.

  4. I can relate to your concerns. Recent past have lost my hair luster and it’s gone unruly. Have tried a few serums but none of the above. My first maybe the Kerastase …for now. Need some taming so baaad.

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