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Kiss Love & Matrimony

A Journey from Matrimonial Site to Love.

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Novel Review: #RByadhwal

Genre: Romance, Fiction, Chick-Lit

Novel: Kiss Love and Matrimony

Author: R. Byadhwal

Pages: 58 (Kindle)

Paperback: not available

Prize: 59/-

Available: Amazon, Kindle

Reading time: 30-45 Min.

I was scrolling through the romance genre of Kindle Unlimited when I came across the book Kiss Love and Matrimony. It’s a short story of 56 Pages under Romance, Fiction, Chick-Lit.

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Dr. Rishika Byadhwal is a Doctor and she practicing in Delhi. The touch of Delhi in her Novel is very evident. Her novel would at times walk you through the streets of Delhi just the way that you’ve seen them. The writing style is very casual with no use of very heavy words, you’ll feel totally connected in the novel. This is her second attempt on novel writing, her work on the first novel: How I Saved my Marriage by Sex? has gone completely unnoticed.

About the Book:

Kiss Love and Matrimony: A Journey from Matrimonial Site to Love.

The story revolves around the friendship of Riki, Dodo, and Miri. The friendship is a very close one and they all are very connected, they pull each other from their ups and downs. The lead character of Riki is a strong character and her positive attitude is palpable in the book. She’s divorced but she’s still very positive in her attitude. Her search of true love on matrimonial sites and the adversities that are thrown her way would make you laugh and cry at the same time. The hero Kshitij is just perfect Knight for her. Take this journey with Riki to see how the Kiss changed from Love and lead to the Matrimony.

It’s a perfect blend of wit, humor, and emotions with the right storyline.

Kiss Love & Matrimony


  • Great storyline
  • Short story
  • Appropriate prize: 59/-
  • Characters are well balanced
  • Fun to read


  • Very short book
  • Could have been more elaborate at a few points

I hope Rishika would keep writing, her novels has a romantic factor with great lead characters. I can’t wait for her next work…

Keep writing.


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