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Winter Wear Care Solution…

How to manage winter wear before summers?

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Summers are here and we all are left over with the backlog of winter wear to be managed… the organization is the key to management. Most of us are working class so we can’t shell out a lot of time on managing winter wear. So we all should start managing them.

How to go forward with it?


Firstly the most important work is to segregate them. They could be divided according to type of clothes.

  • Sweaters
  • Coats/ Blazers
  • Blankets
  • Scarfs/ gloves/ socks

Next step after segregation is cleaning

Type of Cleaning required:

Divide the winter wear according to the cleaning required for the cloths. Like home washing, dry cleaning, hand washing etc. Use mild and winter clothes special detergents for the wash.

  • Ezee/ Genteel wash
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Gentle wash
  • Flat dry

Dry Cleaning:

In dry cleaning, many options are available now a days. Home pick-up, Clean dry dropping. Book it in advance and enjoy the luxury of clothes being taken care of hassle-free. There are always deals going on for Dry cleaning and Laundry services so search online for reviews and deals before booking it.

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For storage purchase:

  • Storage bags
  • Vacuum sealed bags
  • Naphthalene balls/ moth repellants
  • Spray moth repellant before storing in trunk or bed


  • Keep them packed in new papers to avoid dampness.
  • Do not leave naphthalene balls in clothes or they’ll be spoiled.
  • Do not keep Winter wear in open pack them for extra protection.
  • Do not store in a damp place.
  • Never store dirty Clothes they’re more liable to damage and moth attack.

I hope that you liked the tips and would take care of winter clothes soon. Take Care.

Happy Summers to you

6 thoughts on “Winter Wear Care Solution…”

  1. How thoughtfully written post.. Wow. I mean I am impressed. The small things which we neglect generally. I don’t know about others but I am sure to take care of mine in a much organised way now… 🙂

    Utpal Khot

  2. These are great tips. Something I’ve started doing since last year is that I’m packing sweaters in zip locks with naphthalene balls, it’s made a huge difference

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