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10 Best Flowering Plants for Spring/ Early Summers

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The winters are nearly gone and it’s just the time to prepare for season turnover for plants. The springs in India are not long and they suddenly give way to summers. We can feel the heat even now in the afternoons. in this post, I’ll share my list of summer flowering plants. I’ve come a long way in Gardening.

It’s very difficult to take care of the plants since half of the plants we have are the winter blooms nearly dying and they hate the sun, on the other hand, the spring flowers are blooming and they need the sun.

My winter blooms are nearly dying:

  • Alyssum
  • Aster
  • Calendula
  • Dianthus
  • Pansy
  • Petunia
  • Verbena
  • Gerbera daisy
Winter Plants

I hate to see them go but new plants are waiting to replace them this spring

10 Best Flowering Summer plants:


It’s a beautiful flower with multiple layered petals and it comes in various shades red, pink, yellow, pastel yellow, off white and many more. It lasts until May. Though if flourish well in sunlight does protect it from the harsher sun.


It has to be planted in well-draining pot and water when soil is dry.


It’s a beautiful flower bloom in the thorns. It’s in various varieties, small bushes to vines and it is available in various colors from vivid reds and pinks to subtle yellow and peach too.


It survives harsher sun and blooms are fragrant and beautiful


It’s a 5 petaled flower available in red, white, yellow colors and it’s a hardy plant it can survive summers well.



It’s a flower available in an array of colors. It’s mildly fragrant but it’s so bright that it brightens up the garden. It’s a hardy plant that can grow through the harsher sun too.


You can plant it from the seeds too. They require very less care


It’s a beautiful flower which looks better in a spiller. It’s available in various shades and even multicolored petal variety is available.


Like zinnia, it’s a very low maintenance flower and it’s beautiful


It’s one plant that could often be seen in houses it’s a beautiful corona petalled yellow/ white flower which can bear sun well.



This is just the right season to plant lily. They’re beautiful to look at and can survive well in the heat.



How could I forget to mention sunflower from the list of summer plants? It’s definitely the flower to bear sun well and it’s bright yellow color is known to attract butterflies and bees in your flower garden.



They’re also perineal plants though they don’t bear sun that well and the planter has to be kept in shade for better survival. They’re available in an array of colors.


Last but not least is:


It’s a summer flower you could plant it in the fountain or wide container/ bird water feeder. They’re very low maintenance plants and flourish well in summer heat too.


This is my list of plants that I’m going to have in my garden I’ve started accumulating a few plants already and rest would join in soon. A few plants are waiting for summers like my Succulents and Cactus and I’ve to protect a few of my Indoor Plants this summer.

Spring/ Summer Plants

I hope you like my list and your garden would be bright and blooming this summer.

Happy Gardening to you…

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Be Happy & Be Positive.

4 thoughts on “10 Best Flowering Plants for Spring/ Early Summers”

  1. Looks like you are an avid gardener. Love the blooms from your balcony garden. I am going to try my hand at planting few flowers this spring/summer. and hoping to not kill them. Thanks for sharing your insights, Richa!

  2. Oh my… You are inspiring me to start preparing for a winter garden as we are soon gping to see the end of summer. These look absolutely amazing. I can understand that it hurts to see the seasonal plants droop as the season changes.

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