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10 Ways to Help India Heal #IndependenceDay

Happy 74th Independence Day

We all know that year 2020 has brought so many unexpected calamities to the world. Everyone is facing the unknown and fighting COVID-19. Our country is facing and fighting the disease to the best of its capacities. We’re a developing and 2nd largest populated country in the world it’s not an easy task for the government to handle such a highly contagious disease, but the government doing its best. In these difficult times let’s Help India Heal from the damage.

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Things offered by the government:

  • Free testing centers
  • Plasma Banks
  • Free treatment
  • Appointed doctors on duty
  • Opened COVID hospitals
  • 20% bed reserved for COVID in every hospital

When government is helping us overcome the disease we all could help the government too.

On 74th Independence Day of India let’s help our country recover.

What should we all do to help Our Country?

Use Protective gear

Use masks, gloves, face shields etc.

There’s no treatment available for COVID so precautions and protection are the mainstay of the disease to stay safe

It will protect you and others from getting infected.

Stay Home

  • Stay Home & Only go out if necessary.
  • Work from home if possible.
  • Avoid any travel.

Pay Taxes

Our country needs the money to help in developing our country. Let’s always pay the taxes to help the country growth.

Do not cheat, indulge in frauds or steal.

Respect Police, Doctors

They’re the front line warriors fighting the battles for us so we all should not abuse or disrespect them

Help the daily wages workers

The lower class has suffered most during lockdown period. Help them recover by providing any kind of help possible be it food/ medicines/ clothes etc.

Do not deduct the salary of maids/ househelp.

Act responsibly while forwarding message on social media

Do not spread fake news and rumors

in this digital age every message that we pass on should be screened to stop the panic. We all should act responsibly while forwarding anything from our phones.  

Support & Help the elderly population

The elderly people are not that technologically advanced. They need help in many online portals. We all could help them in ordering groceries and household things.

Follow the laws

Laws are meant to be kept.

They’re made to make our lives easy so we should all follow the laws especially the newly implemented COVID laws

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Wear protective gear
  • Stay home
  • Maintain hand hygiene
  • Trash care/ do not litter

more on Home COVID care: HERE

covid positive care

Help others with your skillset

You could help the community by uploading video eg recipes, yoga, health, etc. share with everyone what you’re best at and help them. You could provide emotional support to the community to help them recover in these trying times.

Donate to PM Care Funds

If you’re financially doing good and you’d like to help the country then donate to PM relief funds/ NGOs/ govt aided organizations to support the country.

Let’s help India heal and recover during these difficult times and grow together.

Vande Matram

I’m proud to be an Indian.

10 reasons why I’m Proud to be Indian

Happy Independence Day to All.

This blog post is written for Speak Easy Blogging Challenge 2.0 hosted by Ruchi and Dipika #SpeakEasywithRuchinDips.

14 thoughts on “10 Ways to Help India Heal #IndependenceDay”

  1. Loved your post! Some points are so easy to follow, however, many in our country cannot follow these. For e.g. stay home – Take a walk down Mumbai’s lanes and you will see how rules are just not being followed. Hoping that people read your post and follow the points mentioned here. Thank you for writing this blog post – it needed to be told :).

  2. All the pointer are so true and valid. And it’s not difficult to follow any of these if we take responsibility and accountability of our nation’s safely and progress.

  3. Though everyone know these pointers but the sad part is many take them for granted and the result is increasing number of positive cases. As a responsible citizens, they should have become a part of our lives by now. Lets hope for the best.

  4. Super awesome suggestions and you had listed them all. I also feel we all have some kind of skill sets and now with the help of internet we are not only able to share our talent with the world but help them as well with best possible efforts. Very well written.

  5. Yes! Only way out is to pro tech ourselves and to help others. We have to be supporting the daily wage workers as you mentioned. We still have food and shelter and we are glad about it. And they don’t. We should all come together and help them.

  6. Going by our population, Governments, state and center are doing commendable job. As a responsible citizen we ought to adhere basic needs and precautions. But things are going haywire as people are taking the situation even today lightly. Hope your words reach out to those ears.

  7. Help India Heal, loved the heading.
    Yes, indeed with small steps towards becoming responsible citizen we can surely bring that better change for our country. Very informative post.

  8. I loved title of your blog too along with the post. When we talk about tax, salaried employees have always been paying it now its time for everyone else to be honest.

  9. I wish people understood these points and abide by them. Few exceptions exist and these people are flouting all the rules or being ignorant of daily wage helpers. Together we can and we will help India heal!

  10. Reading such posts make me feel so good . Wish everyone could realise their duties alongwith with their rights. Share positivity to heal the heart , mind and souls !!! #speakeasychallenge

  11. Great post. Some tips that should be a norm but people rarely follow. We are as much responsible for the change and progress, and need to do our part.

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