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Shopping Alone????? need help!!


need help!!

As soon as I think of going for shopping ALONE, these questions come to my mind

How do I know I’m looking good?

Am I buying the too costly thing?

Have I shopped enough?

Are the color and style right for me?

Just like everyone else I get so confused when I go shopping alone. For Obvious reasons also, because no one can suggest me and give advice on my choices or help me finalize from my shortlisted things. I miss my BFF while shopping but it’s not always possible to go together So, I’ll share few tips to stop you from making mistake while shopping.


When we go shopping we should have a goal. Vaguely going out mostly leads to expenditure in places we don’t require so, make a list and keep to the list. It stops us from digressing. KEEP IN MIND WHAT YOU ALREADY OWN:

Before leaving go through your wardrobe, it’ll give you a basic idea of things you own, colors you have. Then you won’t end up buying something exactly similar to what you already have. Always remember fine distinction in colors could only be made by you when you compare, for everyone else you would be wearing the same color. That’s why don’t buy colors which are too close to a shade card. KEEP TRACK OF FASHION TRENDS:

Before venturing out keep eye out for fashion trends and buy accordingly. Experiment, mix, and match, explore because only end result matters.


Shopkeepers might give you wrong advise to boost their sales. Always ask your best friends, they’ll give you the right verdict. Send WhatsApp image/ do Video calling etc. just discuss it out before purchasing. Shopping Alone LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS:

If you feel that something is missing then something definitely would be. Don’t buy products you’ve to convince yourself about. Most of the things that catch your eyes at first glance are worth giving a try.


Malls are huge and extensive so if you’re short of the time go to trial room hangers. Most tried outfits are the best outfits in the shop and you’ll find them there. Try them, you’ll definitely hit jackpot.


Some brands are tried, tested and reliable. Everyone has one of those we call it our favorite brands because they fit as well. Never forget to go to your favorite section of malls. Never buy without trying. Always try it on before buying. At times things are good, they look good but they are not meant for us. It’s like destiny. The moment you’ll try it on you’ll know if it’s for you or not.

Don’t be lazy to try it on.

It’ll save you the unnecessary hassle of returns/exchanges/ repeated trips.


It’s not free!!! Since you are spending your hard earned money it should be worth it. Don’t compromise on size or fitting because local tailors might not be able to replicate the exact fitting and alteration will cost you extra money. Keeping in mind few points helps a lot while shopping alone. There’s definitely no replacement for BEST FRIENDS, but meanwhile, these tips would be helpful.

Happy Shopping…

Shopping Alone
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