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Home Alone?? Stay Positive!!!

Home Alone??? Stay Positive!!!

If you stay alone it’s at times difficult to stay positive. It’s very easy to fall into self-wallowing or self-pity party.

How to stay positive?

Although it seems impossible to stay positive, it’s all about determination and strong will. The thought that pops up in my mind at times for life is “Dear life when I say it couldn’t get any harder, it’s not a challenge”.

So just do your best and leave up the rest. All you need is one positive moto and live your life with it and not to digress.

What all you could do to make your life positive.

  • Make a schedule.


Most important thing while living alone is to make a schedule. Since we don’t have anyone to guide us we should set the example for our self and follow it.

  • Make a list:


We have us to rely on so you’ve to excel in making “TO-DO” lists.

  1. House chores
  2. Things to buy
  3. Things to repair
  4. Installation list
  5. Budget list
  6. Repair list
  7. Shopping list etc.

Anything and everything should be jotted down.

  • Work out:

kettlebell-3293475_1920 Fix one hour of your time for activity. It could be any kind of activity

  1. Swimming
  2. Dancing
  3. Zumba
  4. Karate/Tai-con-do
  5. Aerobics
  6. Gym
  7. Yoga etc.

Vigorous activity releases endorphins in our body which are considered good for the healthy mind.

  • Once in a while party:

tea-556777_1920 It’s essential to enjoy since it’s a good stress buster and in this tight paced life, believe me, we all need it.

  1. Go out for dinner or lunch.
  2. watch a movie
  3. Go shopping with BFFs
  4. Visit museums or exhibitions.

These activities take your mind off the things for a while and break the loop of thinking. Invite people at home, be with friends, share ideas. it makes a huge difference.

  • Join groups:

poor-2754335_1920 Join the local community services. It’ll give you some sense of purpose and on other hand help in the betterment of community too. The positive deeds that are done in life always pay, so help the needy.

  • Be yourself:

beach-1737038_1920 Don’t change to please anyone. You’re unique and the only one. Changing for acceptance is not the right way. Those who love you would love you unconditionally, you don’t have to change to make people love you. Love yourself, love what you do and believe in yourself.

One candle can warm hearts so one positive thought can pull you through anything.

Be Positive and Stay Positive.

You Deserve It.

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11 thoughts on “Home Alone?? Stay Positive!!!”

  1. Those are some great tips, if you are alone it is must that you have some quality time, be it workout or gardening or even chatting to friends and going out for good mental health

  2. Those are great points mentioned there. Very helpful for people who are home alone. It’s all about enjoying your company, having quality time and getting things done.

  3. These are great tips person should work on it . its difficult thing to stay positive because all bad though conquer your mind but keep yourself busy and happy is the solution

  4. I dont feel home alone ever but its helpful for those who feel alone sometimes. In this world you have so many things to do. If we engage our brain in constructive works then it starts thinking positive always.

  5. This so applies to me! After marriage I’m home alone for most of the time. This came at the right time. Thanks for motivating me 🙂

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