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Thoughts & Conversations #Blogchatterebook

Cafes in and around Delhi

eBook Review

Genre: Travelogue

eBook: Thoughts & Conversations

Author: Geethica Mehra

Pages: 75 pg


Available on: Blogchatter

Reading time: 1-2 hr

As a light reading, I came across this eBook: Thoughts and Conversations by Geethica Mehra on Blogchatter’s eBook Carnival Season 4. It’s a great compilation of good coffee shops in Delhi. A to Z of Café in Delhi. It’s a great food guide to keep while strolling through the streets of Delhi.

I’m a Delhiite and a foodie so when I came across her book I saved it in 2 sections “Already Done/ To Be Visited”. It was like I was literally walking through the streets of Delhi and revisiting my memories of the places.

Book Blurb:

Do you love coffee? When was the last time you visited a cafe? Thoughts and Conversations engulfs my personal coffee experiences passed on to you. Grab the book and explore cafes in and around Delhi. Supported by maps.

About the Author:

Geethica is a professional blogger: Thoughts by Geethica and freelance content writer. She has pursued Creative Writing Course at British Council Delhi. She loves to blog her thoughts at Thoughts by Geethica. She is proud of managing time and being productive at every work.

She has a flare of writing in a very easy to connect and approachable way. Her free style writing is very evident in this book too.

About the book:

Thoughts and Conversations is a compilation of her coffee dates in Alphabetical order of places in Delhi A to Z. It’s a bible for coffee shops lovers & foodies.

She has reviewed cafés in the eBook she has linked each café with a story. It’s like giving life to the place itself. The description would literally make you walk through the place.

The reviews on Cafe are divided in:

  • About the café
  • Food review
  • The map
  • Price
  • Kids/ Family place
  • Live music
  • Books availability
  • Tips & approachability

She has cataloged her journey through the café well. She has included links of the café which is very good for people who want to reach there. The link to pictures of café is also embedded in the eBook.

I adored the book it was like a trip down the memory lane when we use to roam around these café with friends. I totally agree with her list of the best café in the town.

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What I Loved most:

My top café’s from the book are:

  • Café Delhi Heights- Vasant Kunj
  • Hauz Khas social
  • Imperfecto- Hauz Khas
  • The Potbelly Rooftop Café Shahpur Jat

Living Herself Rating: 4.5/5

I’m reviewing  this book under Blogchatter’s eBook Review Program.

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  1. Thank you very for a honest review of my ebook,Dr Richa. I am glad that my book connected well with you. Thank you once again.

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