Spider Plant
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How to Keep Spider Plant Happy?

Spider plant is beautiful foliage of grass-like long leaves in shades of green to white. Its identifying feature is the plantlets or pups hanging by the stalk in the midst of leaves. It’s a very low maintenance indoor or outdoor plant.

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5 Common Succulent Problems

Succulents are beautiful amazing plants that survive indoor very well. I’m very fond of succulents they’re hardy plants but even they need slight care. They’re prone to overwatering, root rot, growing leggy, and much more...

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Poinsettia Care Guide

Poinsettia is a beautifully colored Indoor plant with foliage of red leaves. They’re bright beautiful plants usually found in winters. They’re native plants of Mexico and are found in many colors but red is the most commonly admired plant out of all colors. They’re found in Pink, white, yellow, salmon, and orange colors.

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Desert Rose Care Guide

Desert Rose is a Sub-Saharan African plant of the succulent family. It is drought and heat tolerant plant so it’s well suited for warm climatic conditions. They bloom during spring and summers. The dark green foliage of leaves with beautiful red/ pink flowers makes it a great addition to the Indoor Garden.

money plant
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7 Tips for Money Plant Care

Money Plant or Pothos is one of the easiest, low maintenance plants to have in the house. It’s a vine and if you’re new to gardening you could always start with this plant. It’s a beautiful plant that could grow till 10-15 feet in height if provided proper care. Usually as an Indoor Plant it reaches 5-6 ft in height. Although this plant requires very little care it still needs the right conditions to flourish and stay healthy forever.