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What Not to Do When Meeting In-Laws? #MyFriendAlexa 2020

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One of the most important meetings in a relationship is meeting the in-laws. Their approval has to be won to have a harmonious relationship in the future. A lot of relationships face issues because they couldn’t earn a thumbs up from in-laws. The only things in Laws have to judge is if you’re good enough for their child or not. You don’t have to raise a banner for it but have to show affection and love in small but meaningful gestures.

Golden rules of things never to be done in front of “To Be In-laws”

Do Not:

Pretend to be something you’re not

People try too hard to be loved and end up being a “pseudo-shell” of self which is often too hard to live up to. The façade would fall and when it would it’ll bring the whole of your life down, you might end up losing everything so be genuine and proactive.

Instead of lying “I love cooking” you could always say “I might not be good at cooking but I’m willing to learn”

Point out Faults in him/her

You’ve chosen them & you’re willing to move forward with them. You’re not supposed to live everything in them but you don’t have to highlight their negative point in front of the parents. They’ll never accept anything raising fingers towards their parenting skills.

Share your Past Relationships

No matter how forward the family is they’d never be forward enough to discuss your past relationships. It’s always better to avoid any such conversation with “Future In-Laws”

Overdo PDA

It’s extremely important to limit your Public Display of Affections (PDA). Try and display affection by smile, holding hands etc. but avoid any show of physical intimacy in front of parents.

Argue or get into a heated discussion

Try not to be over vocal in any discussion or confrontation as a matter of fact walk away from any conflict. You could lose a few wars for the sake of victory in battle.

Gossip or share secrets

Try not to show your knowledge by sharing details of things you’ve heard. It might portray you as a gossipmonger.

Bond with Them

Ignore them

Walk that extra mile to make them feel welcome. Under no circumstances leave them to fend for themselves, it shows that you don’t consider them important enough. That would be the worst impression you could ever put forward.  

Not all In-Laws are tricky like “Meet the Parents” or “Monster in Law” so chill!!! Be attentive, caring, and above all be yourself. All chips would fall in its place eventually.

That’s all for now, I’m only covering few important points here. I might have missed many things feel free to leave a message if you feel so.

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  1. This whole series you’re doing should be an ebook at the end… The ‘What Not to Do’ guidebook 🙂

  2. All practical points, but I defer in the point argue or heated discussion. Sometimes speaking up is vital, not raising voice.

  3. Ahh wish these pointers play there role always…. easier said sometimes, as I have lived it.
    nice post and very practical and sensible pointers. #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa #blogchatter

  4. Great list of tips. This would surely be of helpful are looking for some tips while preparing for their first meetup with their in-laws

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