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What Not to Do on a First Date? #MyFriendAlexa

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Dating is the best way to know someone and decide if you want to go ahead in the relationship or not. Everyone has apprehensions about the first date, we all have had our share of the best and worst dates in our life. How do we decide what to do and what to avoid on the first date?

There are some golden rules about things never to be done when on first date:


Be Late

It definitely matters that you’re on time and not arriving late on a date after all first impression matters. Being prompt shows that you actually care about the person, so keep your calendar free when planning a date.

Talk about your ex

That’s an obvious one, I know!! but just a humble reminder to not to start with tales like “once I dated a person who…..”

Nothing kills a conversation like dating stories and tales of ex.


Give other people a chance to make opinions themselves do not start with self-praise. Dating is knowing a person so try understanding each other don’t try and be “over cool”.

Disclose your Financial Status

Everyone wants to impress each other on the date but flaunting money is not the right way to do it. It’ll definitely attract the negative kind of people who might be materialistic and greedy.

Stop Right There!!! Don’t you Dare Touch your Phone

That’s a big NO NO!!! it shows that the date is totally boring and you can’t wait to get away from it. If you really want to date this person then don’t keep on glancing at your phone or messages.

you’ve to pay attention to your date and the conversation, glancing at phone would not help you much.

Dress to Kill Literally.

It’s always better to be casual than overdressed. Please enquire about the place first before dressing so that you do not turn up flamboyantly dressy person. it’ll present under-confidence not the “bold and beautiful” image that you were aiming for.

On first date always try be subtle and chic.

Be Argumentative

No one likes to be in an argument so try and choose light topics may be movies, music, etc. you don’t have to discuss politics and religion on the first date and end up being in a fight.

PS: You’ll have plenty of time to do that further down the lane.

Forget Your Manners

Behave like an gentleman & respect your date.

Be Touchy

Do not invade other person’s personal space and be pushy. Expecting sex on first date might not be the right way to proceed while dating someone.

Be happy that you got a hug, do not push for a kiss/sex or you might just end up being blocked.

Get Drunk

Be civil being too drunk on first date shows how irresponsible person you are and it might not give other person the right impression.

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Make Future Plans

it’s always better to leave the plans of kids and marriage for future dates it’s definitely not a topic of conversation on the first date. It’s rather the best topic if you want to end the date and never want to meet again, then go ahead talk about baby names…

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That’s all for now, I’m only covering few important points here. I might have missed many things feel free to leave a message if you feel so.

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33 thoughts on “What Not to Do on a First Date? #MyFriendAlexa”

  1. Ha ha love this list. Especially the first one – don’t be late. I would *hate* it if someone was late especially since I make it a point to be on time.

  2. You have made a perfect list of what not to do on the first date, I hope people read it before planning their first to avoid getting embarrassed later.

  3. Wow! Thats some list though its too late for me now as I am married to my first date. But it was entertaining to read your post.

  4. I was intrigued simply by the title of your post, because I haven’t been on a first date in a long time! Can’t say much has changed, so I guess these rules are evergreen!

  5. Hahahha so the list depends on whether you are serious about the relationship or not. And you can do all the above if you want to scare him away hahahahhaha…

  6. All the pointers are I must say absolutely perfect not to follow on the first date, though it is not easy for everyone to maintain a fair balance between ‘how’, ‘where’, ‘how much’, ‘why’!.

  7. Thats a very interesting and quirky post. Indeed we should not be doing these things on first date. Manners need to be in place and mind too. I guess its best to be neutral and listen as much as possible and talk when required to.

  8. This post made me smile right from the title itself that piqued my interest, though I’m no longer in that first date phase but I really wanted to read the pints you have shared, an interesting post 🙂

  9. I wish more men read your article for they know these things. Coz honestly it annoys me the most when someone touches their phone while conversing with me.

  10. This brought back so many bad memories of my horrible first date, oh god, what a disaster it was. The guy was so obnoxious and had zero idea on how not to stop talking about brands he was wearing. Everyone should visit this checklist once, for sure before turning up for their first date.

  11. What a great list! Loved the tip to not dress to kill – so many people stress out about making the right impression, that they go a bit overboard 😉

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