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Best Historical Romance Novels Ever

Best Historical Romance Novels Ever

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I’m one of those people love reading, it’s a recipe to keep all boredom at bay, at times it’s a therapy to keep all the pain and stress away. No matter the excuse I always find time to read romantic novels it’s my secret & in romance, my favorite is Historical Romance Novels.

Today I’ll share my list of best Historical romance novels I have the pleasure of reading.

It’s a romantic story of Royce, Duke of Claymore aka Black Wolf and Jennifer Merrick who are from enemy clan but she was taken hostage by Black Wolf. These two sworn enemy fall in love and prevails the adversities thrown at them.

It’s a must read Novel, the writing style of Judith McNaught would make you fall in love with her novels.

This is a story of Gillian who’s family was murdered for Arianna’s Box, which hid a deep secret. Gillian was sent to search for the Box to Scotland where she meets Brodick, the two unlikely people falls in love. The story has twists and turns but it’s entertaining to the core.

Julie Garwood has a way with words to capture the audience. The novel has a good storyline, strong characters and is captivating. I couldn’t leave the novels till they’re finished.

The Duke of Hawscliffe was driven to Belinda to solve the murder of his beloved, both Belinda and duke had a grievance with the same man. They both get into a scandalizing affair to uncover secrets and unknowingly falls in love. This is a story of Courtesan and Duke falling in love.

The Knight series of Gaelen Foley has 11 novels of Knight Brother and Sisters no one can stop at reading just one novel.

  1. Kiss Someone- Passionately
  2. Smoke cheroot and drink scotch
  3. Ride astride
  4. Fence
  5. Fire a pistol
  6. Attend a Duel
  7. Gamble (at a gentleman’s club)
  8. Dance every dance at a Ball
  9. Be considered beautiful. Just once

Watch Callie achieve all and even love.

Sarah Maclean has written the novel so wonderfully that you’ll see the wallflower turn into siren in front of your eyes and capture the heart of everyone.

Anabelle a perpetual wallflower because of lack of Dowry and Simon Hunt a bachelor with lack of gentry. Lack of funds forces Anabelle to accept the even indecent offer of Simon Hunt. The story is about the bonding of Wallflowers to help each other finding love, Anabelle finds love in the most unlikely person.

The Wallflower Series of  Lisa Kleypas is totally wonderful.

There are few Historical Romance Novels that are worth reading:

Best Historical Romance Novels Ever
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Every novel is available in Amazon & Kindle edition. Hoping you all would enjoy reading them.

Happy Reading for all.

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  1. I haven’t read any of them..but now I guess it’s time for me to pick one and share my experience. ..would soon start reading ur recommendations

  2. I have been occupied with work a lot lately and so do not find the time to pick up a book. However, when I do start again I would love to start with The Duke of Hawscliffe

  3. My work now does not allow me so much time to read. otherwise I was regular at reading. This is the reason I have not read all in your list. Will soon hope to catch up and complete them. 🙂


  4. Ooh such a great list! My absolute all time favorite was one by Jude Deveraux though. A knight in shining armor or something like that, I can’t remember the exact name. I used to love that book.

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