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Click The Picture Perfect look…



Everyone’s beautiful, but at times we’re not able to highlight our best features to our benefit. That’s when we come up with excuses like “I’m not photogenic” “my pictures don’t come out good” “my camera is not good” etc. this is where we’d like to help you.

If you think that you can’t look good on camera, it means you just have to find the best way to click pictures so that you look good on camera. Let’s start with few basics things to keep in mind while clicking a picture. We’ll not make things difficult by bringing in frames, lenses,  DSLR but our tip would work on basic phone camera too.


Always find the right background to click pictures. Try and stand opposite to light source never keep it behind you. When sun/light is in front of you the pictures would come best. It’ll give you a glow, make you look fair and the colors around you would be sharper too.


Always click more pictures in while taking a shot so that you give yourself more to choose from. At times just by blinking your perfect picture could be spoiled to always click more than one pic and select best out of them. Remember no one looks pretty in the first picture even best of photographers click 1000 picture in one photoshoot and then pick one for the cover page of a magazine. When they are doing it so should we.


Contrast always look better in the picture. Warm bright colors, color-block schemes like hot pink, orange, yellows, peach, fuchsia etc. would always give you benefit. But if the background is too bright then an ethereal white could make you stand out too. So pick your colors which make you pop up in a picture.


  • Try clicking picture from above or straight. If you try and click picture from below it makes you look bulky and wide.
  • Tilt slightly. Both shoulders in a straight line make you look wider so angle yourself slightly.
  • Cover one shoulder with hair/braid/stole/dupatta etc for the cutting effect. It’ll make you look slimmer.
  • Legs should be crossed, angled behind each other. It gives you a dainty and feminine look than wider stance.
  • Sitting pictures should be clicked from above or sides (if you’re on heavier side then avoid the side profile) as it focuses on your face and brings out your profile.
  • Using props brings out the liveliness in you so use anything like an umbrella, bag, heels, tree, car, bike etc.
  • Experiment on pictures so that you know what looks best on you if they don’t turn out good you could always “delete” them.
  • Try to pose but make it look natural.


Be comfortable with the look you are carrying. Use makeup to bring out best in you. Like, highlight your eyes, lips etc.


Sunglasses at times make you look chic so feel free to flaunt them. Either put them on or hold them or secure them on the head. They go well with almost any look. To sum it all up, find your best look pair it with your best pose and serve it with your best smile the result would be your best picture…

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7 thoughts on “Click The Picture Perfect look…”

  1. Photography is an art and getting clicked is another one. You have mentioned right points I will sure keep in mind while getting clicked to look slimmer

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