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How to get settled in a New Place?

How to get settled in a New Place?

Moving to a new place could be so scary. The worst fear is you might not be able to find the same comfort as you had previously. So how to get settled after moving-in easily??

A well-located house with all the basic amenities and its proximity to schools and hospitals or supermarket with well-connected roads makes it a “Dream House

Dream House

Most Urgent:

First and foremost important things to get settled in to get installed few things in-house when you’ve rented or purchased.

  • Electricity/ power connection
  • Inverter installation
  • Power backup
  • Water connection and backup
  • Gas connection/pipeline
  • Telephone/Wi-Fi setup
  • TV/ cable setup
  • Air conditioning system/ Geyser (according to weather)
  • Water purifier/RO system
  • Fridge
  • Schools

These few things are a top priority, so get these installed first. They’re a must. After the basic things, you’ve to look for next important things.

Second priority

This includes the things which you’ll need for smoothly running the household. Which includes:

  • MAID for cooking/cleaning
  • Ironing/ Dhobi
  • Supermarket/ Vegetable market (home delivery)
  • Car/bike cleaning
  • Newspaper hawker
  • Nearby parlors (it’s a must)
  • ATMs
  • Hospitals

Initial shifting and settling take time and that’s the time which is most difficult. Firstly you’ve shifted to new place leaving your previous secured and well-settled life. Secondly, the new place brings its own problems and uncertainty. Thirdly new house, new workplace all the stress piles on you which makes you more irritable.

Take one step at a time and you’ll get settled in no time at all.

Few secret tips:

  • Make lists of all work to keep it organized
  • Keep your cool while dealing with house owners
  • Be considerate about house owners rules but draw a line initially so that you both know the Line-Of-Control and when not to cross it
  • Discuss the parking space initially because it’s a very big hassle if it’s not fixed.
  • Elaborate your food/lifestyle preferences in advance because later on, small things lead to big issues.
  • Be friendly with neighbors (they’re the ones receiving your amazon parcel in your absence)
  • Keep a note of water and electricity bills and readings while renting the house.
  • Ask your movers and packers to either color code or label your boxes adequately. If it’s not done properly it’ll be a messy affair later on.

While arranging the house keep in mind to get heavy furniture settles first by the help. Keep the labeled boxes in front of respective almirah or shelves so that you could arrange it later.

Get the kitchen arranged and working ASAP. Once the kitchen is functioning half of your household would run smoothly.

With a cup of tea and chilled water available you’re ready to face the world.

I hope my tips were of some help to you.

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  1. That’s a lovely article. Can totally relate to the points mentioned after having moved and lived in 3 different cities in last few years

  2. These are really useful tips for getting settled at a new place these tips will help many people

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