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How to Live Alone Happily?

To live alone could be the best or the worst thing that could happen to you in this world. On one hand, people crave to live alone but few just can’t wait to be with the company. It’s your personal perspective that dictates these choices. What matters most is not the company or seclusion but happiness.

In this post, I’d like to shed some light on being happy in your own company.

If you love living alone then few things you should always do to keep yourself happy else you might fall prey to loneliness which might further lead to depression or irritability. The key point to be happy is foremost the desire to be happy. Persistent loneliness and negative thoughts might change your personality and you might end up being bitter and Depressed soul. Never lose the desire to be happy.

How to be Happy Alone?

Develop a Hobby

Keep yourself busy at home develop a hobby. It keeps your mind occupied and the negativity at bay. Hobbies make the mind creative and it gives positivity and purpose to yourself. It also provides us the satisfaction of making something on our own along with keeping our mind fertile.

A hobby could be anything from Gardening, Writing, Drawing to self-improving things like cooking, baking, dancing and much more.

Keep things Organized

When you live alone it’s very easy to fall prey to the chaos which further brings chaos to your life. It’s imperative to keep yourself organized so that you know where to find things. Make list keep tabs on things, label the drawers, etc. No one else is going to help you do that.

Be self-sufficient

Learn to do small but important things like changing bulbs/ tube lights, repairing taps or fixing a flat tire. On a longer run it’s good to be self-capable and self-reliable it makes you independent enough to be able to live alone and be happy.

Enjoy Small Moments of Joy

Don’t always wait for occasions to enjoy and celebrate, small moments of happiness should be grabbed and enjoyed too. Every smile brings joy so enjoy life and live every moment be it small or big. Do what you love to be happy like Movies, Shopping, Travel, etc.

Love yourself

Loving yourself is the most important step to be able to live alone happily. Give yourself a thought of anything else.

Let You be Your First & Foremost Priority.

These are few ideas to enjoy living alone and be Happy

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I hope my post was helpful

Be Happy

14 thoughts on “How to Live Alone Happily?”

  1. Keeping things orgamised and cleaning up my mess is my favorite pass time when alone and I totally love it. I believe being alone for some time really helps. Great post

  2. Fabulous post, Thank You! All these points are great and not only for people living alone, for everyone who wants to find happiness. I would add one more to your excellent list, a secret I’ve found of the truly happy – reaching out to help others, finding a cause, a purpose, a deeper meaning.

  3. To ne honest. I really don’t like being alone. But sometimes it is going to happen. Mindset really does play a huge roll and there are plenty of ways to have fun on one’s own especially following hobbies that you love!

  4. I have lived alone due to work exigencies and have realized that I love my company. Agree with all the pointers you have shared. I love reading and spend most of my alone time doing that. Being out in the nature for a walk works wonders for my mental state too.

  5. Learning to live alone comfortably is important–even if we live with our families, we still need time off to be by ourselves, doing things we enjoy and looking after ourselves. I know many people who find it challenging to enjoy their own company. 🙂

  6. I specially love the point on being self-sufficient. It is an important life skill to have when living alone. Along with keeping all emergency numbers within reach. Living alone can be very liberating and empowering and I thing almost everyone should try to live alone atleast once.

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