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What Not to Do When Breaking-up with Someone? #MyFriendAlexa

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Break-up is bad no matter what you do, but you could always make it worst by not doing it the right way. There’s no way to break-up non painfully but you could aim for being neutral, non-accusatory, non-argumentative, empathetic & direct in your approach. You should be ready to face the consequences of break-up since you’re the one initiating the end of the relationship. There’s no need to delay the inevitable till the time they find it themselves and it’ll end up hurting them even more. So don’t drag it around, get it over as quickly as possible.

There are etiquettes of a break-up which should be followed:

Do not Break-up over a text message

It’s the worst way to end a relationship at least have a courtesy to show up or at least give a call. We should give other person a way to vent out the anger or show what they’re feeling.

Never Pick an over-crowded place for the break-up

In a crowded place they would not be able to convey their feelings and things might be easier for you but very difficult for another person. if you feel that other person has a tendency of being violent then always pick a public place where it is safe.

Owe up to it, don’t blame it on them

It’s your decision to break up the relationship owe up to it. Take responsibility for your actions and instead of using phrases that “You never wanted to like my family” use phrases like “Since you and my family doesn’t get along well I think we should get separated”

Show up sober

Never break-up with someone under influence of alcohol or anything. Break-up is hard to deal with already, under influence of drugs the reactions would be harder to control.

Act responsibly don’t Drink and Break-up

Be Direct but Firm

Don’t give other person an opportunity to try and bring back the relationship together. Be direct & firm in your approach, but don’t be cruel and harsh.

Develop empathy for other person, but don’t try and lend your shoulder to cry on. It’s more difficult to get over when you’re constantly there to help them.

Be Prepared for their Reactions

You can’t control their reaction so be prepared for it, they might get:

Angry: be ready to diffuse the situation by stating that “you understand that in this situation you have all the right to be angry” do not raise your voice or start an argument

Sad: give them a hug or hold their hands but be ready for rejection of your affectionate gesture too they’re hurting inside.

Promise to change: be firm and don’t leave an open-ended note like “we might try it after some time” because you want to avoid this conversation. Just tell them “we gave our relationship a shot & my decision is final, even if you’re willing to change it will not change my opinion about the Break-up

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I might have missed important points, if you think so then feel free to leave a message.

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