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What is Mental Health? #CauseAChatter

Mental health has always been one of the most discussed topics but the ignorance of the topic still makes people wary and scared. Mental health is essential for overall health and quality of life.

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What is Anxiety Disorder? #CauseAChatter

In today's world having anxiety occasionally is totally normal. It’s a reaction of our brain towards stress or a potentially dangerous situation. In anxiety disorder, there’s overwhelming anxiety or fear towards things like school, work, or social get-together or any anxiety triggering situation.

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Science of Happiness

Happiness is a feeling which makes our lives worth living. It could be experienced in a simple gesture, a smile or it could be felt in a complex emotion like love. Overall happiness is a lot more than just a feeling. I’ll share the science behind happiness.

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Depression during #Lockdown #CauseAChatter

It’s very difficult to keep the positive vibes and be happy in these trying times. Often the feeling of sadness, uncertainty, or grief catches up with you. These things might lead to a phase of depression but that’s totally normal since we all face the ups and downs of life. When the depressive phase persists for more than 2 weeks and starts affecting how you feel, the way you think, or how you act. It leads to the negativity in your thoughts & loss of interest in things you once enjoyed. Depression could cause physical changes like reduced productivity at workplace or housework changes in sleeping or eating patterns etc.

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Do I Have Phobia??? #CauseAChatter

Phobia is an overwhelming, persistent, excessive, unrealistic fear of an object/ person/ animal/ activity or situation. It’s a type of Anxiety Disorder. It’s more common in females than in males.